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    Greetings to everyone!
    I can only trust that this short note will find everyone enjoying the best of health and in good spirits! As to myself, i am Canadian and the laws are basically the same for the most part anyhow.
    So? where is everyone? The only way to learn anything is to ask questions, right? What does everybody do on their days off, or work is slow as well as what time of year do you find to be busier than usual? At present, in my part of the country service seems to be slower than usual.
    Who are the first process servers that will get things going on here? Cmon, lets make it go. All the best to everyone and what are your thoughts on having this site where we can offer feedback,to offer pointers for the betterment as well as fortification of the process servers world.. There are so many questions that i have in the service of process that i do not know where to go to ask questions, and look for a sounding board to get feedback.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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