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    Jeffrey Worth

    Welcome new users! This is your first stop. Please take a minute and post about yourself!

    Just a few things before you get started I want everyone to understand.

    1.) Please post in this forum first!
    Let us know who you are, where you work and how long you have been in business.

    2.) This forum is BRAND NEW!
    I am sure there are issues still, I have been fighting over the last month with user permissions, SO if you find you can not post somewhere you should be able to post, PLEASE email me! [email protected] Because if you are having an issue, I am sure someone else is having the same problem and just has not reported it!

    3.) If you have technical difficulties with this site, head over to the Tech Support forum and post there. By posting there, everyone can assist you with issues.

    4.) This board is currently free. At this time, I am looking at including ads to help cover costs of the board but I have no plans on charging the users to enjoy this site.

    5.) Update your signature! Using the sprocket at the top next to the New message button, update your signature!
    You may wonder why this is so important. I really don’t want to get into an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) discussion here but every post you make will have your name and web address included, this i will give you more Klout with the search engines and a help when someone searches for your area!
    Some things you should include in the signature include:

    Your Name
    Business Name
    Business City and State
    Business Phone
    Twitter or Facebook Link (Please use only the one you use for business…NOT your PERSONAL Facebook!)
    A few specific service cities. (If you have whole state, PLEASE DO NOT LIST EVERY CITY!)

    6.) Permissions
    Everyone that is new will be listed as “Newly Registered Users.” This status limits some of the features you have access to, like Private Messages.
    After you have posted 5 posts, your Newly Registered Users will drop off and you will be a Registered User. This will give you a few more options, like Private Messages and Poll Creations!

    7.) This is the most important [b:1q39f0t9]PLEASE READ[/b:1q39f0t9]!

    This forum is made for your entertainment and will allow you to discuss with others business practices. Please follow the rules and do not bully someone on the forum as this will not be tolerated! If someone asks a question and you can’t answer it without being sarcastic, please refrain from answering. Remember you may have been doing this longer than they have and they are just trying to further their knowledge!

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