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    Jeffrey Worth

    According to many news sites in 2016:

    ‘Chrome users who navigate to some HTTP sites will be notified, starting in January, they’re on a site that isn’t secure.

    Google said today the browser will begin explicitly labeling HTTP connections that feature either a password or credit card form as non-secure. The company said the plan is its first step toward marking all HTTP sites as non-secure, though it didn’t provide a timetable for the undertaking.’

    and Google’s own site has now updated to a Secure site. With this may come hiccups and that is where the users come in. If you come across a page on this site that shows and ! by the address or tells you it is not secure, PLEASE tell me or post a reply here. Simply double click the issue address and copy (control C then start a new post and paste it into the post control V)

    Thanks and I hope you feel safer browsing a secure!

    Jeff Worth

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