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What is something that helped grow your business?

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    Jeffrey Worth

    In a comment, let me know what something you did that helped grow the presence of your business.

    Jeffrey Worth

    There are many things I did that helped me grow and create a presence for my business.

    The one thing that I think make my business stand out more was the fact I had a domain name for my email address

    Instead of someone sending me email to [email protected] they are sending email to [email protected] and this matches my website.

    If someone needs assistance on getting something like this setup it’s easy and you can contact me for information.


    I cannot understand why these posts are all empty.

    Jeffrey Worth
    Whuts wrote:
    I cannot understand why these posts are all empty.[/quote:221rg8ml]

    At one time, all these posts had hundreds of messages each and over a thousand users. Unfortunately, the owner of the board passed away and the board was lost, I managed to get the name when it finally expired and was able to restart the board. The down side is, we lost EVERYTHING.

    That’s why I am hoping Great Process Servers like yourself and others have joined will begin posting and asking / answering posts. This will get us noticed again and back on track to be a successful message board once again.


    First, thank you for re-starting Gotcha Served. And it did let me in, thank you.

    The Business builders that worked, and continue working was. still is working.
    A. business cards are only black block lettering on white background. Have to cards, one for business promotions with all of your professional information. Do not get “gaudy”
    B. A second card has your name. process server, and cell phone number. That is the card you leave on doors where no one answered the door. Do not give your home number.
    C. As much as possible I wear a blue dress shirt and tie. Look like authority. And yes I serve ghetto’s and bank boardrooms, it works.

    Mike Elerath

    If your competition actively uses Facebook, watch and monitor the owners. Especially if its a smaller serving business.

    When they go out of town or on vacation tends to be prime time opportunity to approach their clients.

    Something that has always worked well for me is always being in view of potential prospects.

    Make friends with the paralegals and keep notes on each potential new client. When you approach and bring up something it makes them feel good that you remember stuff.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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