Briana Renee's Ex Matt Avoiding Sexual Abuse Trial In Fear Of Criminal Prosecuti

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    Briana Renee’s Ex Matt Avoiding Sexual Abuse Trial In Fear Of Criminal Prosecution

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    … For that reason, he and his counsel were asked to accept the Trial Subpoena, the Plaintiff claimed. Both Grundhoffer and his attorney stipulated the counsel’s acceptance of the trial subpoena on Grundhoffer’s behalf.

    When Plaintiff’s counsel reached out to his lawyer to follow up on the trial subpoena, he wrote back, “We cannot accept service for our client Mr. Grundhoffer.”

    “Grundhoffer was revoking his stipulation for his counsel to accept the trial subpoena on his behalf, and indicated that he was not in a position to provide any information regarding Grundhoffer’s whereabouts or to in any way cooperate with the service process,” his lawyer claimed.

    A process server then began efforts to personally serve him with the trial subpoena, but Grundhoffer “actively avoided services of process.”

    Therefore, the Plaintiff is asking he be an unavailable witness. She is also requesting the court “permit Grundhoffer’s videotaped deposition to be designated, edited and shown to the jury in lieu of live testimony.” …

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