Kevin Hunter Went Off After Receiving Divorce Papers Wrapped In A Box and Sealed

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    Jeffrey Worth


    After cheating rumors plagued Wendy Williams’ marriage to husband, Kevin Hunter, the truth has finally been revealed.

    Williams decided to end her marriage after 22 years after reports surfaced of Hunter’s alleged affair with massage therapist, Sharina Hudson. The cheating was one thing, but after the affair allegedly produced a love child, Williams pulled the plug on the relationship.

    According to Love B. Scott, Williams surprised Hunter with a present wrapped in a box and sealed with a bow. Little did he know, the box was filled with divorce papers.

    “When Kevin excitedly opened the box, thinking it was a gift of some sort, the process server uttered those famous words, ‘you have been served,’” according to a source.

    The source continued, “Kevin is now persona non-grata at ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’ The passcodes have been changed, and his access to the building has been revoked. Wendy has instructed staff to not let him anywhere near her.”

    The sources told the publication that Hunter didn’t take being served very well. He allegedly began screaming and cursing when he realized his access to “The Wendy Williams Show” was denied.

    People need to remember not to bite the hands that feed you!

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